Brian Baggs
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Come Home
Take a Chance
Holding My Heart
Maybe, Just Maybe
Way Too Late
What Took So Long
Honey Bunny Baby
It's Raining
Love Me Again (demo)
I Don't Know Why I Still Love You Like I Do
I Do
Slow Down Baby
It's A Funny Thing
Can't Slow Down
Adios Amigo
Show My Love
What's The Difference
20 Miles From Nowhere
About You
Walk Away Now
Now I See
Love Me Again
Loving and Fishing
Open Up Your Heart
Did You
You'll Do
Your Love
Don't Wanna Live That Life
Nineteen Ninety-Three
Bring You Back To Me
Pretty Heart
So Far, So Good
Your Leaving
Don't Tell Me That
Let Me Be The One
I Wanna Thank You
Take It or Leave It
Finally Free
All The Love
I'm Not Finished
She Went Away
I Can't Let You Go
I'm Not Through Loving You
Every Day
It Happened To Me
You Even Loved Me
Make Up My Mind
I'll Come Running
I Just Don't Believe It
Love & Freedom
Hope It's Today
Something About You
Miami Breezes
I'm Tired
I Keep Missing You
Beat With A Cane
Hard Times, Sold Here
Turn Around
Don't Say No
Take Me Back
I Can't Imagine
Hit and Run
What In The World
Fading Away
Easiest Thing I Do
You, Still
Without You
Brian's Theme
Something Worth Having
Nothing's For Sure
Time's A River
I'm Sorry To Say
I Keep Waiting
Booze Is The Boss
Tell Him About Me
Come On
I Don't Understand
Maybe It's Time
Sara Rose
Now I See (demo)
I'm Falling For You
Born With A Broken Heart
She Use To Love Me
I Don't Know Why
She's No Alona
I'm So In Love With You
Here We Are
So Soon
Please Forgive Me
Heart In Upside Down
Smiling Thru Your Tears
Anymore Than I Do
I Saw You
What Could I Do
4 In The Morning
I Just Can't Help It
I Don't Need Me
I Hope It's Today
I See What She Means
I Just Don't Believe It
Long Long Time
I Need You
Watching You Sleep
Waiting On You
That's My Daddy's Flag
Leave You Behind
As Soon As
Because of You
Do I Ever Tell You
Pacific Grove
Something You Should Know
This One's Gonna Hurt
Trust Me
This Is It
In My Dreams
When You Came In
I Think It's You
Silver Streets
Ice In My Heart
I'm Losing You
Almost Left Today
This Is It
Face On My Mind
I Need You
Losers Abusers
Long, Long Time
I'm Over You
Be With You
Make It Right
I Get Scared
She's A Magnet
There's An Empty Space
Good One Gone
It's A Wasted Day